Carbotainer America has opened a new office location.

Expanding its US presence, the company said the new facility will help provide composite services and support the composite cylinder business in the Americas.

Carbotainer Cylinders

Carbotainer Cylinders

Source: Carbotainer

In addition to the opening, Carbotainer has also said it is pursuing Transport Canada / DOT approvals for its UN ISO 11119-2 composite cylinders aimed at the industrial, medical and food gas sector. 

“Composite cylinders store significantly more product than conventional steel cylinders with roughly 1/3 of the weight. The reduced weight directly lowers transportation costs and CO2 emissions,” the company said in a statement.

“By reducing payload and increasing the ratio of transported product, Carbotainer believes it will also benefit transportation with fuel cell and electric trucks. Carbotainer composite cylinders have been used in Europe since 2016 and significant growth is expected with the global initiative to reduce CO2 emissions.”

While a 49 L DOT3AA steel cylinder weighs roughly 143 lb. and can hold roughly 260 cf of helium when pressurised to 2400 psi, Carbotainer’s 50L 200 Bar (2900 psi) composite cylinders weighs 50 lb. and can hold 22% more gas. The company’s 45L 300 Bar (4350 psi) composite cylinders weighs 62 lb. and can hold 57% more gas.