Carbotainer, the Spanish manufacturer of innovative cylinders, has developed a new lightweight, ergonomic and ecological cylinder for the distribution of compressed gases.

The new Smart Carbon Cylinder has many characteristics that make it unique on the market. It’s hexagonal, three times lighter than current cylinders, it’s manufactured from impact, cut and fire resident carbon fibre, and is compliant with the highest quality standards and legislation. The cylinders are also fitted with radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags so that they can interact with different facilities and automate industrial processes. 

Two RFID tags are installed in every Carbotainer cylinder. Each cylinder contains the following information: a Carbotainer serial number, customer serial number, production month and year, tare weight, work pressure, use and capacity. There is also a 32-bit user memory where customers can log their own data.

The B13 carbon fibre cylinder

Carbotainer have also introduced the B13 cylinder. This cylinder shares the same advantages as the Smart Carbon Cylinder but has smaller dimensions of 64 cm x 26 cm, It has a water capacity of 13.3 litres and weighs in at only 9 kg. This cylinder is ideal for the hospitality sector where cylinders must be handled frequently in busy environments with limited space.

The composite bundle

Carbotainer has launched its bundles of 18 B50 carbon fibre cylinders. With their low weight and hexagonal shape, the bundles have a tare weight of just 625 kg, making them perfect for handling and transportation.

These advantages are particularly appreciated in the helium business, where cylinder storage capacity and tare weight have a huge impact on transport and overall costs.

All Carbotainer cylinders have attained ISO 11119-2 certification and are tested at a pressure of 300 bar before being placed on the market.

(L-R) The Carbotainer Smart Cylinder, the B13 carbon cylinder and the composite bundles

(L-R) The Carbotainer Smart Cylinder, the B13 carbon cylinder and the composite bundles