Carburos Metálicos has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions, in line with Air Products’ ‘Third by 30’ sustainability objective.

Part of the Air Products Group, Carburos Metálicos will reduce its CO2 emissions by one third between now and 2030 compared to the levels of 2015.

Renewable energy is one of the opportunities that will help the company meet its goal.

‘Third by 30’, recently announced by Air Products, is equally aligned with Carburos Metálicos’ core corporate purpose in which employees from around the world work together to develop innovative solutions that address major energy and environmental challenges.

Key drivers for achieving that goal include CO2 capture initiatives, low and CO2-free projects, operational excellence and increased use of renewable energy.

This decision also makes it possible for Carburos Metálicos to increase the environmental benefit of its products and facilities and represents an effective step on the road to the energy transition.

Investments in energy efficiency

Carburos Metálicos said it continuously makes investments to improve the energy efficiency of its plants.

This effort, focused mainly on the areas of production equipment, cooling towers and control routines, has made it possible to reduce the megawatts of electricity and the consumption of water per ton of gases produced.

In the same way, in the short term the installation of solar panels is planned that will directly provide a good part of the energy required by the compressed gas packaging centres.

In line with the Carburos Metálicos’ commitment to sustainability, the company has made improvements in other areas thanks to the adoption of ISO 50001, which has provided its air separation plants with an energy management system.

This commitment also includes a plan to renew its fleet of transport vehicles and the optimisation of distribution routes that has reduced CO2 emissions in recent years.

Added to this are innovative projects like the one developed at the Telde plant, which allows the CO2 emitted by a neighbouring glass factory to be captured and processed to give it new sustainable uses.

“Sustainability is at the centre of the strategy of Carburos Metálicos and the acquisition of GdO is a fact that shows that sustainability guides our activities”, said Miquel Lope, General Director of Metallic Carbides.

“The commitment we have acquired by adopting the principles of ISO 26000 is to respond to the needs of our customers, suppliers, distributors, employees, the communities and stakeholders with whom we interact.”

“By promoting the energy transition, we also want to inspire other companies to take immediate action to address challenges such as reducing their carbon footprint.”