Spanish industrial gas corporation Carburos Metálicos has earned multiple awards from three major industry organisations for its safety performance in 2016.

The Air Products subsidiary received the awards for accident prevention and workplace safety from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) and two key domestic groups.

Firstly, EIGA awarded the company with its Safety Award for achieving the lowest employee recordable incident rate for category 2 companies across EIGA members in Europe.

Two of the company’s plants were also recognised by EIGA for their exceptional safety policies, with both its Massalfassar site and Sant Celoni plant receiving awards for zero lost time accident performance.

In addition, Carburos Metálicos has received the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE) Safety Award for the fifth consecutive year. The company was the only one in the industrial gas sector to achieve a zero-incident ratio, with the award honouring the best performances in terms of labour accidents during the previous year.

”This is a great demonstration that when we talk about accidents at work, zero is an achievable figure”

Ahmed Hababou, General Manager

The company was also granted the Annual Safety Management Award 2017 by the Chemical and Related Industries Autonomous Commission of Safety and Hygiene at Work (COASHIQ), acknowledging those companies that have achieved the best results in reducing workplace accidents during 2016.

General Director Ahmed Hababou emphasised, “This is a great demonstration that when we talk about accidents at work, zero is an achievable figure. We have not reached that figure by chance; it is the result of the hard work put in by each and every one at all our facilities and, in particular, by our entire Environmental, Health and Safety team.”

“For Carburos Metálicos, safety is the first standard of our operating manual and we develop a continuous improvement process that allows us to maintain those good indexes and improve the safety of our plants every year.”