Spanish industrial gas corporation Carburos Metálicos has expanded its range of PRISM® solutions for the production of on-site nitrogen (N2).

The Air Products subsidiary said its new mini generators allow the generation of N2 in situ for those users requiring less than 200 Nm3/h and gas with a purity between 95% and 99.999%. Compact and modular, generators require only a small space and are easy to install and operate.

“Its flexible configuration is a special advantage for customers, since the system stops and starts automatically according to the demand for gas, which, combined with cutting-edge technology, reduces the consumption of air and electricity. Not only does it reduce the cost of energy-intensive applications, but it also supports the sustainability goals of many companies through the associated reduction in CO2 emissions, and the N2 generator can often be integrated into the existing compressed air network,” explained Carmen Esquius, Business Manager of Gases Generated by Carburos Metálicos.

The basic technology of the generators is the pressure swing adsorption process (Pressure Swing Adsorption - PSA), which until now was mainly used in large plants. Depending on the design of the plant, the PSA process supplies N2 in 95% to 99.999% purity, utilising a considerably lower air supply than other typical processes require.

N2 PRISM Mini-1

Source: Carburos Metálicos

“With the PRISM N2 generators, we complete our small demand supply range and at the same time offer a cost-effective alternative to a gas supply that uses cylinders or small tanks,” said Esquius.

The N2 produced by the PRISM plant is not only suitable for typical applications, such as metal and plastic processing or for processes in the chemical industry, and can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The PRISM mini nitrogen generators were developed based on Air Products’ sustainability strategy. The concept of corporate responsibility is an essential component of the company’s business model at all levels of the organisation.

Carburos Metálicos wishes to contribute to society through actions aimed at different communities (customers, suppliers, distributors and employees). For this, sustainability is at the centre of the business, backed by three fundamental lines of action: grow, conserve and care.

N2 PRISM Mini-2

Source: Carburos Metálicos

Growing means that Carburos Metálicos helps customers improve their sustainable performance by improving their productivity, creating better quality products, reducing energy use and reducing emissions. All in accordance with our Code of Conduct by adhering to the highest standards of integrity and commitment to ethics in all our business interactions.

The Conserve axis refers to the high environmental performance objectives of Metal Carbides, reducing our environmental footprint, and our energy and water consumption.

The Caring axis is aligned with our culture of safety, simplicity, speed and self-confidence. In this way, Carburos Metálicos is committed to helping the professional development of its employees, supporting the communities in which it operates and collaborating with all its suppliers that share this same commitment.