A subsidiary company of Air Products has become the first industrial gases company to implement an advanced control and management system for cylinders in Spain.

Carburos Metálicos, a wholly-owned business of the Tier One player, has implemented a new packaged gases cylinders’ system in order to trace compressed gas containers more simply and efficiently.

The new system allows full traceability and access to information about the origin of the cylinders through a freshly updated SAP-based management and control system. The latest structure allows for greater accuracy in the recording of packaged gases cylinders’ stock, in the number of cylinders delivered and received by the customer, about the dispensing agent at each plant as well as greater clarity in the information handled by distributors and shown in invoices.

Main features include being able to accurately assess asset management, rotations and stock level controls as well as having more clearly identifiable data on each cylinder, such as when and where they are filled, how the cylinders are delivered and who administered the distribution. The company, owned by Air Products, is hoping this system will positively enhance customer relations and experience via more accurate and effective information about each delivery.

Miquel Lope, Director of Supply Chain for Southern Europe at the company, detailed, “Three main specific improvements will be gained from this platform: new validation processes that improve the efficiency of supply, the introduction of serialisation that allows precise control of the location of each container, and the ability to obtain information about any container quickly, therefore ensuring maximum safety in food and medicinal gases that we produce.”

Whilst Francesco Maione, General Director for Southern Europe, emphasised the importance of customer satisfaction and said, “Our commitment to technology will represent a significant improvement in the efficiency with which we work, and in the experience of our distributors and customers when using our products and in their relationship with the company. With the implementation of this new platform, Air Products is leading the way in the industrial gases market by becoming the first company to introduce this solution globally.”