Carburos Metálicos, a subsidiary in Spain of the multinational Air Products today announced that in early August move its headquarters to the Arboretum Business Park Cornella de Llobregat.

The company changes its headquarters from Aragó street, where it has been based for the past 20 years and employed 200 people, and moves to more spacious, modern and sustainable space.

The Aragó street building was also a shared location with the Air Products group - which opened in 2007 and where today 400 people work.

With this move, the company takes another step in its commitment to creating more sustainable work environments, in line with the importance that sustainability has for the group. In addition, the new location will enhance Air Products international connections, located very close to the airport, which operationally impact positively on the Spanish subsidiary within the group Air Products. Nationally, the location will allow greater interaction of the headquarters of the company with the rest of the 400 employees that Air Products has spread throughout the national territory in its manufacturing plants and sales offices.

“We have taken the right decision, from the point of view of human and labour, since we will have a larger, more modern and better conditioned space. We approach this change with great enthusiasm because it will enable our teams to develop their work and coordinated even more efficiently, so that we can continue to grow our business and offer our customers an even better service,” said Francesco Maione, Director General of Air Products.

With regard to sustainability, Maione added, “Since Air Products offers its customers accurate solutions so they can improve their efficiency and sustainability have been consistent looking for a new location for our headquarters allows us to have it both ways.”