Carburos Metálicos has hit the back of the net with its latest deal to be the official supplier of cryochamber therapy for Sevilla Fútbol Club (FC).

Under the agreement, the Air Products subsidiary will supply an individual cryochamber, which uses liquid nitrogen (N2) to reduce the air inside to extremely cold temperatures, and necessary advice to the team.

Foto acuerdo carburos metálicos y sevilla fc cámara de crioterapia de cuerpo entero polarfit[5]

Source: Carburos Metálicos

Dr. Adolfo Muñoz Macho, Medical Services Chief of Sevilla FC, and Manuel del Pino Vaz, South Commercial Director of Carburos Metálicos.

The leading Spanish industrial gas company will deliver its PolarFit® Care solution, a unique, safe and personalised whole body cryotherapy (WBC) package, along with sufficient training and the liquid N2 necessary for the chamber to operate.

Benefits of WBC are said to include reduced recovery times, improved body preparation, stress relief and help aid the treatment of sporting injuries. Financial details were not disclosed.

Dr. Adolfo Muñoz Macho, Sevilla FC’s Head of Medical Services, praised the services of Carburos Metálicos and stated, “Our official provider is really very agile and efficient providing the cryogenic chamber, N2 for its operation and all the necessary advice for its use.”

Ahmed Hababou, General Manager of the Spanish outfit, said his company was “extremely proud” that Sevilla FC has selected its WBC treatment to aid treatments and physical recovery routines and added, “We are certain that it will be an important part of its performance in the different competitions and categories in which its teams take part.”

Carburos Metálicos also provided WBC systems for athletes in the Barcelona Open Banc Sababell tennis tournament last year.