Carburos Metálicos, leading company in the industrial and medicinal gases sector in Spain and part of the Air Products Group, presented its Inomaxx TIG Integra® solution for welding austenitic steels at the 22nd Technical Seminar on Welding and Union Technologies, organised by the Spanish Association of Welding and Union Technologies (CESOL).

Ignasi Torres, Commercial Technology Metal Fabrication of Metal Carbides, presented the Inomaxx TIG Integra solution for the welding of austenitic steels within the technical session on welding processes. Torres stressed the need to use this solution due to the improvements it entails in various aspects that allow achieving better results.

The Inomaxx TIG Integra allows professional welders to get:

  • Less surface oxidation, improving the quality of the cord finish that requires less cleaning processes after welding
  • A very significant increase in welding speed
  • An increase in the width and penetration of the cord and a more fluid welding bath, which allows a better control of the welding, which is achieved more quickly and with less deformation
  • Lower gas and electricity consumption
  •  Reduction in ozone generation

In his presentation, Torres explained, “The increase in the welding speed results in a reduction in the consumption of protection gas per unit length of weld bead, which means that the same weld made with Inomaxx TIG will require less time and therefore a lower consumption of soldering gas and electrical energy than a weld made with argon ”

Torres also commented on the advantages offered by the use of the Inomaxx TIG mixture in the Integra® bottle, specially designed by Carburos Metálicos to help welding professionals, thanks to its lower weight, an on / off valve, ergonomic tulip, integrated pressure regulator, gas outlet with quick connector and gas flow optimisation, as well as filling level indicator.

In the course of the conference, CESOL has awarded Carburos Metálicos the distinction of Outstanding Industrial Member of the Association, which was collected by Juan González, Commercial Director of Industrial Gases at Carburos Metálicos.

“At Carburos Metálicos we are committed to the development of solutions and products that maintain and improve the levels of safety, quality and productivity in the welding industry. For us, receiving this distinction is a recognition of a work and continuous effort to make it a reality,” said González.

The company has a more sustainable range of welding gases, offering the highest levels of performance, including higher quality and speed welding, maximising productivity, reducing rejects and improving the work environment.

Carburos Metálicos has collaborated in these Technical Sections of Welding and Union Technologies, which are a forum designed by CESOL for professionals and companies to expose and contrast their ideas, while presenting the latest developments and scientific-technical trends in the field of welding, adhesives and other bonding technologies. Experts, representatives of companies and specialised technicians have taken part in the various conferences and debates in which the issues related to various joining technologies have been analysed. The conference took place at the Technical School of Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid on the 12th, 13th and 14th June.