Carburos Metálicos has launched an innovative recovery system for athletes participating in the Barcelona Open Banc Sababell tennis tournament, taking place from 18th-24th April in Spain.

The Spanish industrial gas company will provide the Whole Body Cryochamber (WBC) – a high-tech system which uses liquid nitrogen (N2) to refrigerate the air to temperatures of -120ºC for the quick recovery of players in the competition.

It has been proven that cryotherapy can reduce recovery time, improve blood flow and ease muscle and joint inflammation. Total treatment time lasts between one and three minutes.

The N2 consumed during the cryotherapy session turns into gas in the heat exchanger and is then released back into the atmosphere, meaning that the WBC does not generate any waste.

Carburos Metálicos supplies the liquid N2 and has worked with technology companies, CryoPod and KrioSystem, to build the cryotherapy chambers. Cryogenic CryoEase® tanks supply up to 3,000 litres for the mobile chambers.

Several clubs in the UK, France and Italy already use Air Products’ cryochambers as part of their training protocols. In the coming months, Carburos Metálicos will promote WBC and the cryochambers among the main clubs and sports federations and entities for professional sport in Spain.

This system will form part of the sporting event’s medical services, which is sponsored by MAPFRE, and will be available for all medical personnel, physiotherapists and physical recovery experts to visit and test.