Spanish industrial and medicinal gases company, Carburos Metálicos, part of the Air Products Group, will present a discussion on the topic of medical gases and the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deemed an ‘essential’ company, Carburos Metálicos has collaborated with health officials through its hospital division, Carburos Medica, to respond to the increased demand for medical gases.

The company has also helped supply essential gases to Ifema, the largest field hospital created to date, and the Hospital de Emergencias Enfermera Isabel Zendal.

Although presenting unprecedented challenges, the pandemic and its impact on mobility has seen the company create digital solutions and concepts such as augmented reality glasses. These glasses allow technicians to remotely advise the client on hospital infrastructure projects, eliminating the risk of contagion.

Miquel Lope, Managing Director, Carburos Metálicos said that the gas industry has had to face unknown situations, in addition to responding to requests from health authorities without precedent in terms of urgency and scale.

“We have also learned the importance of locally producing essential supplies such as sanitary material, a strategy that the company has always maintained and that has been crucial to not leaving any customer out of supply,” he added.

During the event, Luis Mosquera, Southern Europe & Maghreb Hospitals Business Manager, Carburos Metálicos will take part in a discussion on Friday 29th October from 11:45am to 1pm. The talk will focus on challenges met during the pandemic and the lessons that have been learned for the future.

The event will take place from 27th – 29th October.