Air Products group company Carburos Metálicos is advancing the scope of its hydrogen solutions through an initiative led by Fundacion Valenciaport called the H2PORTS project.

The H2PORTS project is designed to showcase solutions based on fuel cell technologies and a hydrogen mobile supply station during real port operations at the Port of Valencia. 

For two years the project will explore the potential for hydrogen to be utilised in the port-maritime industry by testing a hydrogen-fuelled reach stacker in MSC Terminal Valencia and a 4x4 ro-ro yard tractor in Valencia Terminal Europa. 

In addition to installing the HRS and managing it during the two-year pilot, Carburos Metálicos will also supply the renewable hydrogen for the project and provide support for safety training. 

The company has also recently taken part in the Hydrogen Route – a mobility initiative designed to showcase supply and refuelling for hydrogen fuel cell buses throughout Spain. 

“We are participating in Spain’s first permanent bus line powered by renewable hydrogen with the supply of this fuel and installation of a refuelling station, and in 2023 we will open a new hydrogen refuelling station for the public in Tarragona,” commented Miquel Lope, General Manager, Carburos Metálicos.