Castolin Eutectic has launched its new revolutionary brazing equipment that functions on the basis of electrolysis, using water as its only source of fuel.

The Castolin dyomix© OHM 2.4

The Castolin dyomix© OHM 2.4

The Castolin dyomix© OHM 2.4 was born from the collaboration with Bulane, a French company born in 2009 in Montpellier, which has patented the dyomix technology.

The brazing equipment was awarded the gold medal at the Batimat Innovation competition in September 2017 in Paris, for the category utilities and equipment, as well as 3rd prize at the Gaia Awards – The Big 5 Tradeshow, in November 2017, Dubai.

With CleanTech dyomix, it is possible to produce clean high-performance fuel from the oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) naturally present in water, with no storage requirements. The flame born in this process burns at more than 2500ºC, and is particularly suitable for refrigeration and heating specialists, plumbers and for any other professionals using a flame in their daily work.

Compact, efficient and safe, the dyomix electrolyser has now been miniaturised to be used directly on-site. The equipment is lightweight and portable: just switch on the machine, plug it in to a socket and begin brazing. By choosing Castolin dyomix OHM 2.4, users simplify their logistical constraints, reduce the level of risk in their daily activities and have a perfect flame onsite, at all times.

The new AutoFlam OH torch has also been entirely developed for full compatibility with the dyomix technology.