Global gas equipment manufacturer Cavagna Group (Cavagna) has expanded its interest in market opportunities presented by new sustainable mobility applications following its acquisition of an equity interest in alternative fuel engine and renewable energy applications expert Ecomotive Solutions (Ecomotive).

The new partnership will also help develop Cavagna’s interest in developing capabilities in the area of gas control and regulation for green mobility applications such as low-carbon engines, reflecting a society where customers are becoming more environmentally responsible. 

By levelling up the potential of low-carbon fuel powered engines, the partners are looking to satisfy the requests of vehicle, engine, and equipment manufacturers, the retrofitting industry, and end users with specific application requirements. 

As the global energy transition continues to gain traction, more engine manufacturers have looked to create technological solutions for non-fossil fuels to be used in engines. 

Cavagna and Ecomotive are looking to meet this demand by offering systems for the conversion of diesel engines into diesel dual fuel (DDF) engines for use with natural gas, biomethane, LPG, DME, biogas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, and more. 

Commenting on the acquisition, Davide Cavagna, CEO, Cavagna Group, said, “We are particularly satisfied with this partnership, which will enable us to strengthen our operations in a socioeconomic and market context that is destined to see continued growth.” 

“We all find ourselves in a situation in which there is a need to increasingly move toward a green economy without jeopardising development, so it is important to be able to offer valid low-carbon engine technologies.” 

By harnessing Ecomotive’s expertise in developing tailor-made solutions to a wide range of engine types, Cavagna hopes to provide technical and application-related knowledge in the automotive to establish a common strategy that could help change the future of mobility. 

“This addition consolidates our new company structure and allows us to have even greater confidence in the projects underway and those to come,” added Giovanni Deregibus, CEO, Ecomotive Solutions. 

“This agreement with our new partner opens up new possibilities in terms of industrialisation and distribution, but I am also convinced that Cavagna’s experience will enable us to make rapid progress in the development of innovative solutions, especially with hydrogen and other alternatives fuels.”