Cavagna Group, a compressed gas equipment manufacturer, has opened a new operating unit in the city of Valinho, State of São Paulo, Brazil, expanding its presence in Latin America.

The site, located in the most densely populated and dynamic state of the country, is seen as a genuine launch platform for business expansion throughout the entire South American continent.

The Cavagna Group’s new unit has been built as a logistics and commercial center, with around 1,000m2 of warehouse space and 250m2 of offices. The industrial complex incorporates a special laboratory and dedicated area for medical and industrial product maintenance and is outfitted for the storage and distribution of Cavagna products to all Brazilian customers.

It is understood that this will enable the Cavagna Group to improve services to its Brazilian customers and offer solutions tailored precisely to the expectations of the local market.

The corporation already has regional offices in the UK, the US, Thailand, Turkey and Chile, but this added capacity will seek to consolidate its business offering in South America. The group already consists of nine vertically integrated production companies in Italy with nine others spread across all five continents.

A press release stated, “Brazil is one of the most important hubs markets in Latin America as its considered a hub for future developments in the region. This step will let Cavagna Group deliver better services to its Brazilian customers and offer solutions tailored precisely to meet the expectations of the local market.”


Cavagna Group manufactures equipment and components for controlling compressed gases such as industrial, medical, specialty and cryogenic gases. Founded in 1949 and headquartered near Brescia, Northern Italy, the coporation now sells in over 140 countries throughout a worldwide distribution network of 15 fully-owned distribution companies.