The Cavagna Group has launched a series of actions designed to reduce its ecological footprint.

The Italian company has always considered its environmental commitment as one of its core principles, seeking product quality excellence and safety while cutting down to a minimum the related environmental impact.

Cavagna has defined its field of application and adopted an environmental management system compliant with EN ISO 14001, by committing itself to:

  • Protect the environment, both preventing pollution and the resulting negative environmental impacts, and protecting it from the damage that may arise from its activities.
  • Keeping under control its environmental aspects (waste, emissions, noise, discharges, use of resources, etc) through the evaluation, control and, where possible, the reduction of the significant impacts on the environment generated by the organisation carrying out the own activities.
  • Operate by fulfilling its compliance obligations, and respecting, in the absence of applicable regulations, to the requirements established by the management.
  • Document, implement and maintain its own Policy by continuously improving the Environmental Management System so as to, in line with its nature / dimension and field of application, improve its environmental performance
  • Identify and evaluate the environmental risks and opportunities associated with its activities by defining the necessary interventions required, including the issuance of emergency plans and appropriate improvement plans.