In order to support the development of its range of products for medical and industrial gases, The Cavagna Group’s Medical and Specialty Gases Devices Division has invested in a new cleanroom to channel the growth of its medical and industrial gas regulator business.

Created by the company’s Italian subsidiary dedicated to manufacturing medical and specialty gas valves and regulators, Pergola, the new cleanroom aims to enhance the availability of controlled contamination rooms.

Devices will be assembled, tested and packaged in the new facility to prevent contamination and to meet the strictest international medical standards.

Pergola new cleanroom

Source: The Cavagna Group

Valentino Treccani, Director of Pergola, explained some of the features incorporated into the new site and stated, “We paid maximum attention to energy saving, using the latest technology in air handling units, together with walls and materials ensuring low particle release and the most advanced sealing techniques.”

“Furthermore, the new facility has been designed and built to ensure continuity of operation should a product line be temporarily interrupted,” he added.

The Cavagna Group praised the role of its cleanrooms in strengthening its role as a strategic partner of the main global suppliers of medical equipment. The new facility flanks the company’s existing cleanroom in Italy.