The Olympic torch will light in Turin’s 2006 Olympic Winter games thanks to the technology implemented by the Italian Cavagna Group.

The company has received an order of 12.000 pressure regulators’ to be installed in the famous torches.

The aluminium torch contains a propane-propylene cylinder, in which is installed a tailor made regulator designed and produced by Cavagna.

The regulator will reduce the gas pressure in the cylinder in order to properly feed the flame and guarantee a yellow-orange colour flame, necessary for the video recording’s quality of the celebration.

The design of the torch will allow the flame to stay lit and visible in extreme weather conditions (resisting to wind speed up to 120 Km/h). The torch’s outer shell is made of aluminium, the internal structure is stainless steel, copper and techno polymer, whilst the external finish is a special coating resistant to high heat.

Commencing on 8 December 2005 the Olympic torch ‘pass on’ will cross the Italian territory and it will end on 10 February 2006 in Turin, which is its final destination and setting of the opening ceremony.