The Cavagna Group, a compressed gas equipment manufacturer, has expanded its business line of integrated valves and regulators after purchasing the assets of African Oxygen Limited’s (Afrox’s) Gas Equipment Factory.

Under this new acquisition, Cavagna has extended its line of industrial gas equipment and has now encompassed high-tech pressure reducing valves for its medical gases portfolio. Financial details of the equipment purchase contract, which spans five years, were not disclosed.

The assets of the South African-based corporation were transferred and installed in two of Cavagna’s Italian plants earlier this year. It is understood that the range of medical and industrial gas regulators will be manufactured by Cavagna but will be marketed through Linde’s worldwide network.

Cavagna regulators for specialty gases afrox acquisition

As a result, this takeover also strengthens the Italian-based company’s worldwide partnership with Tier One player The Linde Group.

Ezio Cavagna, President of Cavagna, reflected on how this will affect the Group’s growth strategy and said, “This transaction speeds up the growth process of the Cavagna Group. With the support of a strategic leader such as The Linde Group, we can aim for a further consolidation of our High Pressure Division.”

“In fact, from now on, this Division can count on a new product line that will enable it to expand its product range and strengthen its leadership position in the market of advanced solutions for gas control. In addition, this transaction allows us to better develop synergy between us and The Linde Group, with important effects on the Valves and Regulators Division and the Cavagna Group as a whole.”