In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Cavagna Group has issued a statement saying it is now compliant with the Protocol dated 14th March, signed between the Italian Government and the social partners, to protect the health and safety of its collaborators and to reduce the risk of circulation of coronavirus.

The compressed gas equipment manufacturer said it is carrying out all of the provisions issued by the Prime Minister’s Office; following ISS Public Health Italy and the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, which means that its facilities are currently open for business as usual.

However, in line with those guidelines, Cavagna has taken all measures to ensure effective operation and to serve and support its customers while ensuring the safety of its employees.

The company highlighted that as Cavagna Group Spa is registered as a manufacturer of medical devices, in accordance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree dated 9th March, the health supply chain is defined as an ‘essential service’ and thus not subject to blockages.

Faced with this emergency situation, the Cavagna Group wishes to show its commitment to concentrate its production capacity to its maximum, in order to respond to the growing requests to meet the extraordinary demand of hospital, health and home complexes and to guarantee the supply of these devices as a priority.

The comapny also wanted to reassure that inbound and outbound transportation is guaranteed; therefore, the limitations do not impact the blocking of any goods.

Cavagna continues to monitor the situation and any further updates will be issued on its official social media channels and website.