A new innovation in medical gas cylinder valves by the Cavagna Group provides an added layer of protection against the risk of bacterial contamination.

Medical gas cylinders are particularly exposed to the risk of bacterial contamination, especially so in the case of oxygen tanks.

These cylinders are among the most touched, handled and transported of all medical instruments, with the handle in particular exposed to the hazards of bacterial cross-contamination.

This can be an issue that is not just restricted to the hospital or healthcare facility but also, with the ongoing rise of homecare services, to the patient’s home.

Each year there are over three million cases of hospital-acquired infections in Europe; research conducted by the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) found that on any given day, one in 18 patients acquires an infection in a health care facility, amounting to around 3.2 million cases per year.

With this in mind, the handle on the Cavagna Group’s Viproxy valve has adopted innovative Biomaster antibacterial protection technology – silver ion technology that binds itself to the cell wall of bacteria and disrupts its DNA replication. While it is merciless to bacteria, it remains harmless to human beings.

By incorporating this special silver ion technology into its polymers, the Viproxy Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and makes the plastic parts of its handle completely safe to contact. Whether in healthcare facilities or at the patient’s home, it provides permanent, around-the-clock antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product, no matter how the cylinder is handled.

The application of Biomaster protection technology to the Viproxy handle is the result of a partnership between the Cavagna Group and Biomaster ADD UK, a British company that specialises in incorporating silver ions into all kinds of materials and products in order to make them antibacterial.

Biomaster protection complies with the latest ISO standards and is frequently subject to strict quality control. In addition, the antimicrobial system has been approved by both the FDA and the EPA. Biomaster protection is also incredibly durable and highly active for the entire lifetime of the product.

The Cavagna Group’s Viproxy incorporates a shut-off valve and pressure regulator into a single block.


Silver ion technology – Tried and tested in industry

Silver and nanoparticles have been successfully used as antimicrobial protection in a wide range of industrial applications for years.

In fact, silver has been known and appreciated for its natural antimicrobial properties for thousands of years; it has been used and developed to prevent the growth of bacteria, while presenting no toxic effects on humans.

Biomaster silver ion technology is even effective against several species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E.coli and Legionella.