Air Products launches several CCS projects across the globe.

The list includes the world's first complete carbon capture and sequestration demonstration in Germany, in addition to projects in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The German focused plan has been undertaken in partnership with Vattenfall AB, a key European energy company. Air Products will install its CO₂ capture, purification and compression system at Vattenfall's renowned research and development facility in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany. The pilot plant is due to be operational later this year.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Air Products is partnering the United States Department of Energy to design and construct a CO₂ purification system. The new scheme shall support an oxyfuel technology development project at a boiler simulation facility in Windsor.

Also in North America, but this time Alberta, Air Products is collaborating with the Alberta Energy Research Institute to perform a study of advanced CO₂ capture technology for use with gasification.

In recent years the company has also invested CCS attention towards Europe. In 2008, Air Products alongside Imperial College London and Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd, won the Rushlight Carbon Capture and Storage Award. The accolade recognised efforts to address impurity removal in CO₂ waste streams from coal-fired power plants. Also in 2008, Air Products demonstrated oxyfuel sour compression technology in experimental work undertaken by Imperial College London.