A leader in its field and pioneering equipment supply around the world, Australia’s CEFRANK stays one step ahead of industry trends and delivers cost-effective solutions.

Founded in Australia in 1979 when owner and founder Frank Cetinich could see that there was a market for externally supplied industrial gas equipment, CEFRANK has since developed into a global company that specialises in gas equipment for the industrial, special and medical gas industries.

When CEFRANK first began producing bundles, many gas companies choose to make their equipment in-house, and this can be something of a costly and ineffective way to manage equipment. CEFRANK Engineering has the edge over other suppliers and gas companies however, as it specialises in cylinder bundles.

A testament to its advanced design and capabilities is a leading position as one of the world’s first companies to achieve the DNV Certification for ADR, RID and EN 13769, years before these standards were mandatory.

Very much a family business, CEFRANK is headed by Frank Cetinich - who takes an active role in running every aspect of the company, from day-to-day sales through to the larger concepts and projects.

An ex-trouble shooter in the gas industry, Cetinich says, ‘I have traveled the world as I have built my company, and I have seen the way different cultures operate within the gas industry. I have tried to make my product universal, so all countries and cultures can blend our equipment with their own operations.’

At the forefront of its field
Making the product universal and easily accessible around the world is also boosted by global harmonisation of standards, and recognition to certain specifications has been a cornerstone of propelling the company ahead in its field.

Another distinctive feature of CEFRANK is that it was one of the first companies to achieve certification for its bundles to the standard EN 13769. The company attained this prestigious accomplishment in January 2004, with DNV for the 6, 12 and 16 cylinder bundles and the achievement validated its independent bundle design, in a climate where major companies aren’t willing to part ways with outdated designs and move ahead with technological advancements.

Speaking of the company’s developments and strides ahead in the field, Cetinich reflected, “In my experience I have witnessed many large gas companies using outdated, conservative engineering methods. They haven’t recognised the changing needs of the industry and continue making bundles that are overly complicated, use too much material and are just heavy and cumbersome.”

With sites in Australia, Croatia and China, CEFRANK design, manufacture and distribute pallets, filling systems and the manifolded cylinder bundle, the company’s top selling product. Unique in many ways, it is the only company in the world to produce and sell independently designed bundles.

The CEFRANK design has been developed and perfected over many years and combines safety and simplicity of engineering to deliver a peerless product that has a 10 year guarantee on parts and labour.

Another inimitable feature of CEFRANK is that all of the company’s products are modular. From the filling systems, to the pallets and bundles, all designs are based on an easy to assemble product that comes flat packed and is assembled at the customer’s site or if they choose, at a CEFRANK site.

Receiving certification with Lloyd’s Register for a Quality Management system under ISO 9001 back in 2000 strengthened and streamlined internal processes, and moving further forward, CEFRANK is currently focusing on the Asian markets of South East Asia, China and India. It is also looking to establish the CEFRANK brand in the US and would welcome any distribution opportunities.

Because the company is so highly specialised in its own brand of gas equipment, it can offer a product that not only has the highest safety rating, but also a cost effective maintenance system and a highly competitive price. This arguably makes CEFRANK the first choice in gas equipment.

Well before carbon footprints and environmental issues became a marketing tactic, CEFRANK had implemented the modular system which reduces transport and handling costs. The assembly process not only reduces environmental impact but allows for simple and easy construction and furthermore, it makes part replacement simple and cost effective. CEFRANK’s flat pack system reduces transport by approximately 75%.

Lara Cory, Sales and Marketing Manager, explains the company’s dedication to reduced costs and environmental impact, “It’s amazing how many companies are still using their old in house designs and suppliers. Gas equipment is one of those things that gas companies don’t think about much, it is a side line concern. For CEFRANK it is our only concern. We are offering products and systems that will cut equipment related costs significantly and will result in better, safer equipment that has less environmental impact.”