CEFRANK Engineering, an industrial gas equipment company specialising in gas bundles, pallets and filling systems, is celebrating its first certificate renewal for approval under the European Standard EN13769 and enjoying a leading position within gas bundle production.

For many, 300 bar might be a relatively new function in the gas industry but for CEFRANK, producers of 300 bar bundles for nearly 15 years, this is a firmly established feature of its gas equipment and puts the company way ahead of its time.

Due to its focus primarily on bundles (Manifolded cylinder packs), the Australian-based company has been able to develop a product that is years ahead of the industry standards in more ways than one. Not only are CEFRANK’s products modular, but they also operate at 300 bar and the combination of these two features ensures its bundles are both unique and much more economic, when it comes to transport and fuel costs.

One of the first companies to use 300 bar pressure as standard, founder and Managing Director Frank Cetinich realised that handling and transport costs were growing faster than ever and that most countries in the near future would have to begin using 300 bar cylinders, to lower the cost of keeping and moving industrial and specialty gases.

In addition, 2004 saw the company first enquire about certification for prEN13769 and following a complex and involved process with DNV inspecting all designs and production processes, destruction tests were performed CEFRANK finally achieved certification for the then non-mandatory EN13769 Pressure receptacles for dangerous goods by January 2004.

At the time the company was one of the first to have its gas bundle approved under the pending standard and it was with great pride that this goal was reached.

Speaking of the company’s developments and strides ahead in the field, Cetinich reflected, “In my experience I have witnessed many large gas companies using outdated, conservative engineering methods. They haven’t recognised the changing needs of the industry and continue making bundles that are overly complicated, use too much material and are just heavy and cumbersome.”

“My bundles are simple, light, safe and cost effective. I can achieve this because I am one of the only producers of independently designed packs in the world.”

CEFRANK 300 bar bundles MP6 (6 cylinder), MP12 (12 cylinder) and MP16 (16 cylinder), for copper, stainless steel and Monel (nicorros alloy 400) were approved under the certification and the company has halted production of the copper manifold in its bundles, as they can only operate to 200 bar.

To combat fears of ignition of volatile gases such as oxygen at such a high pressure, the company introduced Nicorros Alloy 400 (known as Monel) manifolds and while this may be an expensive option, the use of this material guarantees no ignition