Australian gas equipment designer and manufacturer CEFRANK has revealed that it is now offering custom fit pallets, using its unique modular design and providing customers with the tailor-made solution for their requirements.

Celebrating thirty years of operation since its inception in 1979, CEFRANK has been specialising in gas equipment for the industrial, special and medical gas industries for decades and can now incorporate its modular design with customer volumetric specifications.

The company notes that it can therefore produce ‘OUR pallet, to fit YOUR size requirements’. As a result the customer can benefit from a flat packing system and still maintain consistency with current systems.

Using CEFRANK’s flat packing system, users can fit approximately 120 x 12 cylinder pallets into a 20 foot container, potentially then storing these pallets in warehouse floor space of approximately 7m2. The company urges, ‘Save on fuel, save on space’.

Modular parts ensure quick and easy isolation and replacement of damaged parts, saving down time on repairs.