With the sting of the global economic crisis felt all over the world, Australian company CEFRANK is taking a hands-on approach to tackling the depths of the downturn.

Leaving their suits at home and donning their steel caps, the key players at CEFRANK took part in the ‘nuts and bolts assembly’ of the company’s modular bundle and discovered many ways to further streamline and develop the current methods used

CEFRANK felt the economic chaos provided a good opportunity to review and refine processes, and implement a new management concept which is likely to directly benefit the company and customers alike.

“I noticed the gap between management and the end product growing larger year by year and I wanted to remove that vacuum, where mistakes are made and efficiency is lost,” Founder and Managing Director Frank Cetinich told gasworld.

Greater efficiency
A big achievement during the exercise was the development of an automated valving system, which eliminates the need to manually install the two inlet/outlet valves into the blocks at the end of the bundle's manifold.

This not only saves time on the installation of the valves, but also increases the precision of the torque. Removing the dependence on highly skilled staff to carry out such processes, this clever device now allows for greater efficiency and flexibility in the assembly line.

Another exciting development to come out of the ‘hands on’ review was a change in the actual assembly order. By making some adjustments and allowing what was previously thought too difficult to achieve, the top of the bundle was left as the final step in the frame assembly.

This now ensures that customers will have better access to the manifold during installation and scheduled maintenance.

By reducing the assembly time by roughly 10% and devising methods to ensure fewer staff are required, CEFRANK has significantly decreased the cost of assembly.