This April sees gasworld magazine celebrate a very special occasion, our 10th Anniversary. We hoped you have enjoyed reading the industry news as much as we have enjoyed reporting it over the last 10 years!  

When gasworld began as an online news and directory portal in 2005, who would have thought that a monthly print magazine would be born - and would go on to reach its 10th anniversary?

All wouldn’t have been possible without the support and participation of you, our readers. As the editorial of our first ever edition stated, “In an era when the internet has taken over much of our daily lives and business, you may wonder why we have gone down the traditional route of providing news in hard copy form…current registrants of the online gasworld news have expressed interest in the convenience of a hard copy that can be slipped into brief cases and read away from the office or the computer. This we have done.”

10 years gasworld magazine

This we have indeed done. A century of magazines later and the publication has grown considerably, undergoing several stages of design and content evolution while staying true to its roots, and with demand for the product arguably stronger than ever.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of gasworld magazine, we invite you to commemorate with us, by supplying your testimonials, and even favourite moments as we reach this milestone edition.

We are collecting a series of testimonials to feature in this special edition. If you would like to be featured in this edition and would like to express how gasworld has supported you and your business in the 10 years, please submit your testimonial by Friday 27th February 2015 to If you would like some help in drafting your words, we are more than happy to help.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this occasion by advertising in our special anniversary edition. Get noticed in this bumper birthday issue and benefit from 50% extra print run on this edition. For more information, please contact