Yesterday evening saw well over 100 eager industrial gas delegates take to Rio de Janeiro’s Windsor Barra Hotel for cocktails and canapés.

Greeted by one of the largest gasworld team’s to date, the pre-registration event enjoyed a healthy turnout with representatives from all quadrants of the globe seizing the extra opportunity to debate, discuss and converse, ahead of tomorrow’s official start.

Held at the Itamaraty venue, the event saw a litany of speakers, sponsors and audience members gather to celebrate the start of not just gasworld’s, but the region itself’s, second ever industrial gases conference. Kindly sponsored by both RegO – a leading industrial manufacturer of valves, regulators and fittings, and EGSA – Brazilian industrial sector solution provider, the event offered participants a chance to mingle and meet old friends and new before the real activity kicks-off at 8am sharp in the morning.

Hannah Jackson, gasworld conference Manager commented, “I’m delighted with the turnout tonight and am thrilled that the delegates seem to be doing exactly what we encourage – discussing, debating and conversing. Not only this, but the majority of participants negotiated lengthy journeys and yet still took the effort to set time aside this evening and beat tomorrow’s rush.”

Delegates were quick to reiterate Jackson’s optimism. Indeed, gasworld regular, Jim Bowman President of Rexarc, remarked, “I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to share ideas and discuss all the opportunities associated with this forward-looking region. Additionally, it’s a great chance to rekindle old friendships and gain new ones.”

Other attendees echoed Bowman’s hopes for the three day event. Pavel Perlov, Global Director of Business and Development at Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC, commented, “I’ve been to around five gasworld conferences and all have been extremely successful forums. At this event, like any other gasworld conference, it offers the chance to gain new contacts with regards to sales but also it offers the very valuable tool of discussion – discussing both new business opportunities and new technologies.”

With a successful introductory evening behind them, delegates now prepare for the excitement and information to begin. In just over an hour, gasworld’s Marketing Manager, Katie Hill will take to the Windsor Barra’s Louvre stage where she will officially open the Latin American Industrial Gases Conference 2011.

The first session promises to be informative and invaluable with speakers such as Raul Ferro, Editor at Business News America, Jaime Castaneda Heavey, Managing Director of Indura as well as Newton de Oliveira, President of Ind Bras Gases (IBG) all providing insight into this burgeoning region.

Stay tuned to the gasworld website as we update you live from Rio de Janeiro.