Korea celebrated its first ‘Semiconductor Day’ recently, in recognition of both the dedication of those working in the industry and also of the significant role that the semiconductor industry has played in the country’s economic growth.

Held on 29th October, the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association celebration was held at the 63 Building International Convention Centre in Seoul and is set to become an annual event fixture every 29th October.

The special day was decreed in recognition of the significant role that the semiconductor industry has played in Korea’s economic growth.

The particular date was chosen to commemorate 29th October 1994 - the year Korea’s semiconductor exports first exceeded $10bn. The country’s exports now exceed $39bn.

Among the 37 awards handed out during the celebration, leading global supplier of vacuum and abatement equipment and services, Edwards, was presented the Bronze Tower industrial award by the Korean Government for J.C. Kim - Representative Director and Chairman of Edwards Korea Ltd.

The Bronze Tower is an industrial award given to an executive who has served for more than ten years in a particular industry, and has made a significant contribution to the development of technology, quality, localisation, labour-management reconciliation and unity in the industry.

Award winner Kim reflected, “This award is a great honour, both to me personally, and to all of the employees at Edwards Korea Ltd. It is recognition of the dedication and drive for excellence that is the hallmark of entire Edwards Korea team.”

Edwards is a leading global supplier of integrated solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells.