Actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, director Christopher Guest, have received delivery of their new Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, as the latest celebrities to endorse the hydrogen transport concept in the public domain.

BMW’s Hydrogen 7 has been trialled by a number of celebrity figures around the world, while Honda now appears to be making an example of hydrogen technology in the public domain as it promotes its vehicles through the celebrity route.

The celebrity couple is the second pair to take ownership of the new vehicle after film producer Ron Yerxa and Annette Ballester.

As the star of Hollywood blockbusters such as horror-flick Halloween, Curtis will no doubt be hoping for a dream experience with the vehicle and no nightmare moments along the way.

So far it seems to have been a pleasant experience for Curtis as she revealed, “I really wasn’t expecting it to be so luxurious. It’s luxurious, luxurious, luxurious! I love the interior layout, design and access to controls. It is user-friendly and very modern.”

While the Clarity is the first publicly available hydrogen-powered vehicle to hit the market, the cars are only being leased from three dealerships in the US’ Southern California - and even then are in limited quantities and cost above $600 per month.