Swiss high-tech business Celeroton has launched a new turbo compressor series CT-NG specifically optimised for noble and inert gases.

The modular CT-NG platform covers different gases, such as argon, neon, nitrogen and gas mixtures (e.g. with a noble gas as a carrier gas), by making appropriate aerodynamics and gas bearing adaptions.

The sealing concept of the compressor minimises contact of the process gas with (so called wetted) materials within the compressor and therefore works fully without the need for rotating sealings.

This allows the compressor to be operated in hydrogen, pure oxygen or reactive and aggressive gases. It guarantees a high level of tightness and low leakage rates.

Application areas for the CT-NG-series are broad and they all have the common need for contamination-free gas supply, Celeroton explained in a press release.

The CT-NG high-speed turbo compressors can be applied in the semiconductor industry, process gas applications, rapid prototyping and for cryogenic applications.

To date, these applications have been served using very large, heavy and energy-consuming displacement compressors (piston, screw or other).

As a first variant of the turbo compressor series, the CT-NG-2000 (pictured below  is available for 100% oil-free compression of helium.


Source: Celeroton