Port Freeport, Texas, has announced a new operational agreement between building materials company CEMEX and long-time port partner, Union Pacific Railroad, to transport liquid carbon dioxide from Port Freeport to Mexico.

In July 2020, CEMEX and Union Pacific joined forces to transport liquid carbon dioxide successfully from Port Freeport. CEMEX transloads the liquid carbon dioxide from tank trucks into railcars, while Union Pacific arranges the transport of the loaded railcars to their appointed destination in Mexico.

The liquid carbon dioxide will then be converted into its naturally occurring gaseous state and used in various applications, including the manufacturing of carbonated beverages.

Phyllis Saathoff, Port Executive Director and CEO, said, “CEMEX’s partnership with Port Freeport represents our expanded export capabilities and will further develop the port’s relationship with our neighbours in Mexico.”

Shan Pirtile, Port Commission Chairman, said, “On the behalf of the Port Commission, I would like to welcome CEMEX to Port Freeport. The collaboration between CEMEX, Union Pacific, and Port Freeport opens the door for additional opportunities for economic growth in our region and beyond.”