Ceodeux Meditec, a business division of cylinder equipment specialist Rotarex SA, has released a new innovative terminal unit for use in medical gas systems in hospitals and clinics.

The ALPICONNECT features “revolutionary” cartridge technology which Marketing Specialist Sandra Monteverdi explains makes “maintenance routines a lot easier.”

Mdt alpiconnect pr1


Source: Ceodeux Meditec

“Unlike regular terminal units, there’s no need to dismantle an installation for maintenance as the cartridge can simply be replaced. This saves time and money, and allows patient rooms to be back in service faster,” she continued.

ALPICONNECT enables connection and disconnection with external medical devices that supply medical gas directly or indirectly to a patient such as flowmeters, respiratory ventilators or vacuum regulators.

The device also ensures continuous gas flow and utilises a large, integrated surface filter for enhanced protection against contaminants.

Monteverdi continued to explain the benefits of the new device, citing safety as a top priority. She said, “We’ve made sure that oxygen compatibility is assured by making it free of aluminium, stainless steel and other potential contaminants. And, it includes restrictive, gas specific sub-assemblies and components for risk management – plus colour coding reduces the chance of human error.”