Ceodeux Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, has unveiled a medical gas supply switchover board to ensure a continuous supply of essential medical gases across the hospital sector.

The compact e-Alpiswitch contains an integrated digital display which shows complete gas monitoring, including cylinder pressure, line pressure, source status and low gas level alerts.

The system is an accurate way to track the level of available gas in operation with one medical gas source in service whilst the second is held in reserve, avoiding any risks of a potential breakdown in gas delivery in hospitals.

E alpiswitch rotarex medical gases cropped

The device (left) is equipped with a prevention and failure alarm system, with the switchover service between operational and reserve gas sources happening automatically or semi-automatically. When reserves become low, a visual message and acoustic alarm alerts staff, ensuring safer gas operations.

Solène Garnavault, Marketing Manager at the Luxembourg-based business, explained, “Ceodeux Meditec developed e-Alpiswitch in response to the market need for more accurate information that can be used to improve productivity and deliver better patient care. By integrating a digital information system with our existing switchover boards in a nicely designed, compat unit, Ceodeux Meditec helps hospitals and clinics optimise gas therapy and gas consumption.”

The e-Alpiswitch is suitable for oxygen (O2) and all other medical gases.