Fuel cell group Ceres Power has secured a third contract with BOC as a continuation of a joint programme into the use of fuel cell technology to generate clean, silent, reliable off-grid power from a range of cylinder gases.

Applications include areas as varied as construction sites, wireless base stations and rural domestic electrification, in both the developed and developing world.

Ceres Power\\$quot;s fuel cells are mechanically robust, have high fuel efficiency and low emissions, and when coupled with a bottled fuel can provide long-term prime power for applications where grid electricity is unavailable, unreliable or simply not cost effective.

The Ceres and BOC programme has already completed two previous phases covering pre-commercial development and testing of fuel cell systems using practical, widely available fuels including LPG and propane. Today\\$quot;s contract announcement marks a transition in the work being conducted, from technical feasibility to the assessment of products relating to specific market sectors and geographies.

BOC Global Director of Sustainable Energy, John Carolin added: "Whilst fuel cells can have a vast range of applications, off-grid offers transformational new opportunities and benefits."