Hexagon Agility is supplying North American bulk transportation company Certarus with distribution modules for helium and renewable natural gas.

The firm today (27th April) said it has received an order for its Mobile Pipeline® TITAN® 4 and TITAN® 53 modules, valued at approximately $17.6m, as part of the deal.

Hexagon Agility’s TITAN 53 modules have a helium capacity of 360,000 cubic feet and allow operators like Certarus to significantly reduce the number of trips required to serve customers, reducing expenditures and emissions.

Curtis Philippon, CEO of Certarus, said, “There is an increasing need for mobile energy distribution as the demand for low carbon fuels outpaces the ability of existing pipeline infrastructure.”

“Remote operations want access to cleaner-burning natural gas, local utility providers need extra capacity to meet peak demand periods, and producers of low and zero-emission fuels like hydrogen, RNG, and helium need cost-effective and reliable market access solutions.”

“Our long-term partnership with Hexagon Agility has helped us to build North America’s largest mobile energy distribution network and we are very excited to add our first Titan 53 units to our growing fleet.”

It is believed the new modules will be used primarily to deliver renewable natural gas t, support helium service, and provide utility support to regions lacking gas supply or infrastructure.

Seung Baik, President of Hexagon Agility, added, “We appreciate our long-standing partnership with Certarus and are excited to see them expand their world class service with our TITAN 53 modules. We’re proud of to the work we are doing together.”

“This order represents our continued diversification of mobile pipeline into new market segments and our commitment to driving energy transformation.”