Fives Cryo (Suzhou) Co. Ltd has announced that it has made further developments in the Chinese market, after successfully passing the ASME U-Stamp Certificate this summer.

The announcement comes after the company had only just opened its factory in Taicang earlier this year, opening the facility in Jiangsu Province on 19th February.

The Fives group is present around the world with a large number of regional operations. Fives Cryo (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is based in the budding development zone of Jiangsu Province and successfully passed the ASME U-Stamp Certificate on 5th June 2009.

The company now has its sights set on achieving another milestone, having recently taken the GB audit for Chinese Quality Certification – which would soon allow the new Chinese plant to launch competitive aluminium heat exchangers in the local market to satisfy client demand.

Fives has established a strong, recognised presence in China and the Chinese market accounted for nearly 20% of group sales in 2008.

Over the years, Fives and its subsidiaries have built strong commercial positions in China by developing partnerships with major customers in the country.