Critical Environment Technologies Canada, Inc. (CETCI), a global supplier of gas detection systems, has launched its DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) room applications in clinics and hospitals.

The new oxygen (O2) sensing device replaces the company’s previous GEM-MRI model, offering enhanced technological and functional capabilities.

The DCC-MRI system is designed to be installed on the wall outside of an MRI room with a flexible, sample line running from its inlet port fitting to the sampled environment. As such, the DCC-MRI constantly monitors the targeted air area and indicates real time O2 levels on its LCD display.

Its alarm is configured to a descending alarm set point of 19.5% volume to alert if a deficiency of O2 is detected. Additional features include an internal flow detector, sample draw pump, adjustable flow meter and internal LPT-A analogue transmitter that houses an integral O2 sensor.

A spokesperson from the Canadian outfit signified, “The DCC-MRI Oxygen Monitoring System is designed to accurately measure to government established exposure levels for O2 deficiency for health and safety.”