Ceylon Oxygen Ltd. has signed a three-year deal with Falck to supply all Falck ambulance with Conoxia medical oxygen packaged in lightweight aluminium cylinders which are equipped with a LIV.

Ceylon Oxygen Ltd. (COL), is a member of The Linde Group, and Falck is the world’s largest international ambulance fleet and emergency medical services provider in Sri Lanka.

Through this partnership, COL and Falck will help to raise the quality of mobile oxygen therapy during emergency medical services as the care giver will be able to dispense Conoxia to the patient safely and with ease during patient transport as compared to the traditional steel cylinders which have a separate regulator.

COL Managing Director Radesh Daluwatta said, “We are privileged to partner with Falck Sri Lanka to help to raise the standards and quality of patient care in Sri Lanka. During emergency situations, Conoxia medical oxygen can be dispensed quickly and easily with just a twist of a knob, allowing for faster response and reaction during highly critical and life-threatening situations.”

“This unique combination of Conoxia medical oxygen packaged in lightweight aluminium cylinders which are equipped with a LIV enables care givers to focus on the patient and provide better care throughout the journey and during the patient transfer.”

“We look forward to the start of a long-term partnership.”

Ceylon Oxygen Limited (COL), a member of The Linde Group, is the leading industrial and medical gas supplier in Sri Lanka since 1936. COL manufactures industrial, specialty and medical gases, distributes welding products, and provides a range of related services including the installation of gas equipment, pipelines and associated engineering services. For over 75 years, COL has been Sri Lanka’s leading medical gases supplier, providing hospitals and other healthcare facilities a reliable supply of high quality gases manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and European Pharmacopeia specifications. COL continuously strives to develop innovative healthcare solutions to raise the standards and quality of patient care.

Falck is a Nordic-based organisation with business activities in 44 countries on five continents. It consists of four different business areas, Emergency, Training, Assistance and Healthcare. All of Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents and need; and helping people move on with their lives after illness or accidents.