The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has announced the release of a revised publication for valve standards, entitled ‘CGA V-9, Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves’.

The revised standard covers general cylinder valve design, application and selection, design qualification, required markings, and performance requirements such as operating temperature limits, pressure ranges, operating torque limits, and flow capabilities.

CGA V-9 provides testing and maintenance requirements and additionally, required markings for medical valves testing requirements have been modified and strengthened to provide clear guidance to the manufacturers and testers of cylinder valves.

The scope of the document clearly states those valves which are covered by the document and defines how valves are designed, qualified and tested.

“This standard is vital for manufacturers and users of compressed gas cylinders,” stated Roger Smith, Technical Director for the CGA.

“Many significant changes occurred to ensure the safety of our industry moving forward and it’s an important addition to the library of valve manufacturers and gas manufacturers and users alike.”

Document appendices include instructions for providing data to determine valve selection, information on using valves correctly, and a performance standard for valve protection. The standard also provides a thorough listing of valve types, their application and limitations along with drawings of the different valve types.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the CGA itself.