The Compressed Gas Association (CGA), a leading authority for the development and promotion of safety standards in the industrial, medical, and food gases industry, has made a major investment in a new hydrogen safety campaign.

Titled Safety is Step One, the campaign aims to showcase the importance of safety standards for emerging hydrogen technologies.

In a letter sent to CGA member companies and other hydrogen industry leaders, CGA President and CEO Rich Gottwald writes, “Today, CGA has a vital role to play in fulfilling hydrogen’s promise as a clean, renewable energy poised to help achieve our global climate goals, and there is no organisation in the world better equipped or more experienced in safety standards development than our association.”

“We are here to help develop the specifications, standards, and training that will unlock the hydrogen economy.”


Source: CGA

Gottwald (pictured) had earlier reflected on the association’s inherent expertise in hydrogen, in an exclusive column written for gasworld’s 2021/22 Yearbook, “As interest in hydrogen energy grows for curbing industrial emissions, it is critical that it is produced, transported, and used safely. CGA members have been doing this for many years – in fact, CGA produced our first safety standard for hydrogen in 1955.”

Interest in hydrogen energy is certainly growing. As consumers and businesses alike focus on developing renewable energy sources, the potential of hydrogen has become readily apparent. According to the Hydrogen Council, 18% of the world’s energy demands could be met by hydrogen by 2050.

However, despite hydrogen’s inherent safety – it’s less volatile than conventional gasoline and has a higher ignition point than many other fuels – consumers remain wary and, according to the CGA, as many as 92% of Americans say it’s important to ensure safety standards are being set before we begin expanding the use of hydrogen.

The CGA’s Safety is Step One campaign will therefore engage across media relations, social media, and online strategy and communications to reach a broad audience of practitioners, regulators, trade associations, and consumers about hydrogen safety standards.

For more than 100 years, the CGA has been dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices for the compressed gas industry and is a trusted resource for its more than 130 members.