A Scottish team is gearing up to beat a record of more than 11,000 miles per gallon with its gho2ost fuel cell powered ecomarathon vehicle.

The team, from siGEN, fuel cell power solutions, have worked with students from Mackie Academy in Stonehaven to make improvements to the chassis design of a vehicle which was entered into the Shell Ecomarathon, a fuel economy competition, last year.

The siGEN engineering team is now putting the fuel cell stack and hydrogen delivery system through bench trials in its laboratory.

And on August 20 at this year's Scottish round of the Shell Ecomarathon, will be setting out to beat the record of 11,193 miles per gallon, set in 2003 at Hiroshima by the Fancy Carol team from Japan.

The event will take place at Alford in Scotland and will provide an opportunity to test the ingenuity of designers and constructors.

Many of the ideas featured in the eco cars often find their way into more serious commercial applications.

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