Peak Scientific Instruments, the Scottish based global gas generator manufacturer, has enjoyed a buoyant year and is taking the opportunity for a bold re-brand.

Key features of the change include a logo and typographic makeover. In a press statement, the change was described as a ‘new assault’ on fresh and existing customer bases.
Robin MacGeachy, CEO for Peak Scientific Instruments, said, “Our Pyramid device has had a long association with the business and held a significant degree of brand equity. The new Peak logo gives us more brand standout.”

Simultaneously, the company is working to improve the quality and functionality of its generators. MacGeachy, confirmed, “Our design engineers have worked tirelessly to improve on the existing range of systems. They can be justly proud of their achievements and we have called the new range ‘Genius’ to reflect the innovative developments devised for our products.”

Peak engineers have re-designed its core range of Nitrogen gas generators, implementing improvements such as vibration and noise reduction features.
Among the range is the ‘Genius NM32LA’; adjustments allow it to meet the requirements of almost all LCMS Models in the market. The new ‘Genius NM32LA’ removes oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry phthalate-free Nitrogen. Benefits include the ability to operate independently from in-house air supplies, fitted castors which allow ease of manoeuvring, and approved compatibility with major mass LCMS applications.

Similarly, the ‘Genius NM-3G’ unit has also undergone a re-design. Significant changes range from increased compressor capacity, to an integrated smart Alert System. As with the NM32LA, the NM-3G benefits from anti-vibration, low noise and improved drainage to enable safer use.

Ann McLaren, Events and Communications Manager for the company, commented, “These generators are a completely new design in terms of engineering and end user benefits. The ergonomics and aesthetics have also been improved and overall we now feel confident we offer the best gas generators on the market. Our after sales service is still world class, though you may not need it very often with these new models.”

This latest range offers two ‘High Value’ bracket devices, alongside two Premium category models. The ‘Genius’ models are fitted with castors to enable compact storage under standard lab benches. Meanwhile, the Premium generators also offer a PLC and integrated fault diagnosis, alarm and control panels. Similarly, all units underwent 1 year of field testing to ensure reliability.