Chart Industries has announced that it has obtained GOST R certification for its liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle fuel systems.

GOST R certification allows Chart to serve the growing LNG vehicle fueling market in the Russian Federation by delivering complete LNG fueling solutions, including both permanent and mobile design LNG and liquid/compressed natural gas (“LCNG”) vehicle fueling stations, LNG onboard vehicle fueling systems and other related accessories required to complete the full service package.

Chart has more than 20 years of successful experience with the development and production of vehicle fueling systems, which enable the use of natural gas in place of diesel and other distillate fuels for a wide range of applications in the transportation industry, including heavy duty trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, marine and railroad applications.

Using LNG in place of diesel for vehicle fueling is a key factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates.   Reduction of these emissions leads to cleaner air and less pollution. Through Chart’s innovation, experience and performance, fleet operators are provided with a highly cost efficient and reliable product design to meet regulatory compliance initiatives and enhance their own green credentials.