Cryogenic equipment manufacturer, Chart Industries, has added a liquefied compressed natural gas (LCNG) fuelling option to its liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuelling station.

Initially launched three years ago, the US-based business has developed its skid mounted fuelling station to now make it suitable for both LNG and CNG fuelling.

The compact system has been designed with the latest technological features including completely automated operation, remote control access and a submerged pump for faster refuelling.

The station also incorporates the Flowcom 3000 dispenser, which has been designed and manufactured by Chart’s Germany-based subsidiary, Flow Instruments GmbH.

A press release outlined, “With vehicle fleet and ferry operators taking advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of switching to natural gas in ever increasing numbers, [this is] Chart’s latest commitment to ensuring that the fuelling infrastructure continues to keep pace.”

The press release also stated, “Because the station is skid mounted, installation and commissioning is reduced to a few days, civil works are hugely simplified with resultant massive cost savings, and the complete station can be easily relocated to another location, if required.”