Chart Industries Distribution and Storage Group has announced adjustments to its surcharge schedule for bulk cryogenic storage tanks, cryogenic liquid cylinders, MicroBulk products, beverage CO2 equipment and liquid helium dewars.

These new surcharges are applicable to all orders received after 15 April 2006.

Tom Carey, president of Chart Distribution & Storage, said: "Continued volatility exists in the nickel market. Examining the last twelve months on average, nickel surcharges applied to purchases of stainless and alloy steel products remain at historically high levels.

"There is a time delay between published raw nickel pricing and the resulting cost of a Chart finished good. Chart is adjusting its steel surcharge schedule downward to reflect the dip in nickel costs that occurred in the latter part of 2005."

He continued: "Unfortunately, nickel has resumed an upward trend which will likely drive a return to higher surcharges later this year. The base pricing for alloy steels used in the construction of bulk storage tanks continues to be particularly problematic, largely due to the development of LNG infrastructure around the globe. Domestic base pricing for stainless steel is recently on the rise, which will definitely affect our packaged gas products over the balance of the year. While Chart continues to maintain product prices at February 2005 levels, a likelihood of an increase exists for later this year."