Following the news that Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems Co. Ltd (CCESC) had recently completed a large order for CNOOC, Chart has also just invested RMB 6m in its Changzhou production facility.

Seen as ‘indicative or Chart’s continued support’ of the China manufacturing industry and the Asia market on the whole, the investment was made in the first half of 2010.

The news comes from the latest installment of the Chart Asia Review newsletter, and puts the investment at around RMB 6m, or $900,000 approx.

The factory upgrades included improvements in cold stretch, welding, manifold, and material handling equipment, allowing Chart to increased the line capacity by 50% and to extend product coverage to include the 3000VHP (Cold Stretch) – the innovative Perma-Cyl® 3000VHP is the latest addition to the Perma-Cyl product line of fast fill at-site MicroBulk storage vessels

CCESC had completed and commissioned an order for eight ORCA Microbulk tanks and two fuel stations, under a deal with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), earlier this year.