Chart Industries and Ballard Power Systems have reached a signficant milestone in developing a long range, quick refuelling and low-cost heavy-duty hydrogen-powered vehicles, having successfully tested a fuel cell-powered by liquid hydrogen.

Confirming the milestone on Tuesday (Feb 2), the duo said the test proved the compatibility of a Ballard FCmove™-HD fuel cell and a Chart liquid onboard hydrogen vehicle fuel cell system.

Focusing on the bigger picture, the accomplishment highlights that heavy-duty vehicles, powered by Ballard fuel cells, will be able to employ Chart HLH2 vehicle fuel systems that utilise liquid hydrogen as a fuel.

Now, moving forward, the partnership will be able to identify applications in which liquid hydrogen has the potential to unlock long distance opportunities, such as truck, coach, bus, off-road, rail and marine.

Chart and Ballard are now work to identify a demonstrator for the liquid hydrogen road testing which should hopefully happen in the coming months,