Having just celebrated the Chinese New Year and ushered in the Year of the Ox, Chart China is currently developing specifications for standard and engineered tanks using cold stretch, to satisfy GB and ASME codes.

The development will provide Chart China’s customers with a more competitive product, while also reducing lead times.

The company also plans to develop new products, such as Siphon engineered tanks, liquid hydrogen engineered tanks, LNG systems, and cluster engineered tanks, as revealed in the latest Chart Asia Review newsletter.

Chart China manufactures engineered tanks, up to 500m3, at its Changzhou, China facility.

With up to 30,000 square meters of manufacturing space available, the company is able to produce a wide range and quantity of products. The facility also boasts MIG, TIG, orbital welding, and Sub-arc welders for carbon and stainless steel, a Class 1000 clean room, two 100-ton and two 80-ton cranes, and super-insulation wrapping capabilities for up to 500,000 litre tanks.

A ‘super sized paint room’ is currently under construction too.

With such facilities at its disposal, Chart is capable of manufacturing both normal-scale and large-scale engineered tanks, while Chart China is currently using super-insulation for all future designs of standard and engineered tanks - bringing the division in line with the Chart US manufacturing processes for such products.

Last year (2008) saw Chart China manufacture and ship 51 engineered tanks to 11 countries including China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay.

Chart Asia will also be presenting its products and services for the LNG sector at this week’s 31st AIIGMA NSIG Conference in New Delhi, India, with the theme of ‘Gases – Industries’ Invisible Backbone’.