Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems Co. Ltd (CCESC) based in Changzhou, China has already completed and commissioned an order for eight ORCA Microbulk tanks and two fuel stations, under a deal with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

CNOOC awarded the contract to CCESC for eight LNG ORCAs and three skid-mounted LNG filling stations.

Chart Asia Inc. notes in its Volume 5, Issue 2 of its Chart Asia Review newsletter, that all eight ORCAs and two fuel stations have been completed and commissioned. CCESC completed manufacturing for the third fuel station in March and it is ready to be shipped.

A clean energy policy and additional energy sources required to fuel the continuing China GDP growth rate has created an ‘exceptionally robust’ LNG market in China.
CNOOC itself is one of the largest state-owned oil companies and has control over a significant percentage of LNG resources in China for the next three to five years.

CNOOC intends to use the LNG resources to direct the China transportation industry toward clean fuel applications. With the award of this contract, CNOOC placed enormous confidence on Chart’s technology and products, the equipment company claims.

CCESC was able to provide these high quality products on an expedited basis by working with Chart’s worldwide resources. The success of this order has, it explains, ‘laid a solid foundation of extensive and sustainable cooperation with CNOOC in the China LNG industry.’